Falconry Experience


The NJFC does not offer public “hawk walks” or “falconry experiences”, so if you’ve found this page because you want to see birds of prey in an up-close and intimate setting, but are not interested in pursuing the hunting tradition of falconry, you can check out the following:


Another great way to experience live birds of prey is to attend the New Jersey WILD Expo, sponsored by the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife.  It is held the weekend after Labor Day every year in New Egypt, NJ.  The NJFC has a booth there at which you can view members’ raptors and learn about raptor conservation and the time-honored tradition of falconry.


Finally, you can contact the New Jersey Audubon society to volunteer in its annual Cape May and Montclair Hawkwatch programs, which count migratory bird populations; or visit the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife’s migratory hawk watch program at Wildcat Ridge.