Announcing Our 2020 Field Meet Speaker - Steve Chindgren


We are pleased to announce Steve Chindgren as the guest speaker at our 2020 New Jersey Falconry Club Field Meet.

Steve Chindgren is a world-renowned falconer born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  His love of birds dates back to his childhood growing up in Emigration Canyon. After his first spotting of a coopers hawk in the mountains behind his childhood home, he was intrigued to learn about the sport of falconry. He read an article on falconry in the 1957 May edition of Popular Mechanics Magazine and got his first falcon (kestrel) at the age of seven.

 Chindgren has always had a keen interest in raptors and other birds. This interest continued with growing intensity throughout the years. At age nine he got his first red-tailed hawk, then began hunting long-wings in 1968 at the age of 17. He has never missed a hawking season since.  

Chindgren’s drive, dedication and passion to the sport is unparalleled. He dedicates himself to the hawking season every September through February at his infamous House of Grouse Ranch in Eden, Wyoming. He has produced eight different films on the sport of falconry including the popular Red Grouse Hawking Scotland and House of Grouse. 

In the summer he produces and presents a free flight bird show at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.  He has produced several hundred captive bred falcons.  

He is married to Julie Chindgren and together they have two beautiful daughters, Jena and Jessica.